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Executive Director's Desk

Sh. Brijesh Kumar
 Executive Director

                        The 21st Refinery Technology Meet (RTM) with the theme “            Refining to Petrochemicals- A Way Ahead” was organised by Centre for High Technology (CHT) in association with Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd (HPCL) during 20th – 22nd April 2017 at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

The Meet was inaugurated by Hon’ble Minister of State (IC), MoP&NG, Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, in the gracious presence of Shri K.D. Tripathi, IAS, Secretary, MoP&NG and Shri Sandeep Poundrik, IAS, Joint Secretary (Refineries), MoP&NG..

I would like to thank for the patronage and guidance received from MoP&NG, and Indian refining sector, Process licensors, dignitaries, speakers and delegates for their valued contribution leading to yet another successful organization of RTM, the biggest event on CHT’s annual calendar.

Today, about 50.8% of gasoline and 47.7% of diesel meeting Bharat Stage-IV specifications are being supplied in the country. CHT along with OMCs is regularly reviewing refinery shutdown schedule and product availability for smooth roll over of BS-IV fuels across the country by 1st April 2017. CHT also coordinated and assisted MOP&NG in firming up BS-VI gasoline and diesel fuel specifications, which were notified by MORT&H vide Gazette notification dated 16th September 2016.

With a view to broaden participation for research work in down-stream hydrocarbon sector with funding from CHT/ OIDB, Expression of Interest (EOI) was published in Newspapers for the first time inviting R&D proposals. The 15 proposals received, were scrutinised by the Steering Committee constituted by the SAC in November 2016, and shortlisted proposals for further improvement and subsequent consideration by the SAC. Standard MOU having clauses on monitoring mechanism, asset treatment etc has also been finalised by a Committee comprising of R&D Institutes, OIDB and CHT. This will facilitate avoiding unnecessary delay in signing of MOUs with grantee institutions.

With a view to improve adoption of indigenous technologies, a two days’ workshop of all the stakeholders including R&D Institutes, IIP, refineries & EIL was held at CHT. Based on which a Compendium of Indigenous technologies with gap analysis was prepared by CHT and circulated to all refineries. A Committee constituted by EC under the Chairmanship of Director (R), IOC deliberated on impediments in commercialisation of indigenous technologies as well as improving commercialisation of CHT funded projects and has submitted its recommendations.

This quarter witnessed organization of three Activity Committee Meetings (ACM) on “Fluidized Catalytic Cracking”, “Distillation” and “Environmental Management” in association with various refineries. These ACMs serve as a platform for collective experience sharing on operation, troubleshooting and commissioning of units; getting inputs on latest trends and new ideas from external experts and R&D Institutes. Q&A Sessions at the end of the deliberations provided opportunities to clarify doubts and learn from one another. All the participants and refineries deserve special mention for contributing in the success of these Activity Committee Meetings.

Based on various recommendations and experience gained by refineries over a period of time, CHT has brought out a Compendium which includes Major schemes implemented/ under implementation/ identified for future by refineries and also implementable schemes identified based on cross sharing on these schemes, Expert Group (2013) recommendations as also best practices/ ideas taken from RTMs, Activity Committee meetings, and Innovations Awards. The Compendium has been circulated to all the refineries and EIL.

Performance Benchmarking Study-2014 carried out by Solomon Associates showed that the performance of PSU fuels refineries has improved in many areas. Significant reduction of 14% was observed in Energy Intensity Index (EII) of Indian refineries over 2010. However, plenty of opportunities exist in the areas of reduction of steam consumption, heat integration etc. With the objective to continue kaizen exercise in Indian PSU refineries, the 14th Executive Committee (EC) of CHT approved Performance Benchmarking Study of 15 PSU fuel refineries and 4 Lube refineries as well as BORL for calendar year 2016 by Solomon for which Data Co-ordination Seminar would be conducted in January, 2017.

As you are aware Refinery Sector has been included in the PAT scheme from the cycle-II, which has commenced from 1.4.2016. CHT has provided the methodology to calculate the specific energy consumption (MBN); helped in verification of data, documents and Baseline data. The refinery Specific Energy target, based on sector target of 5.97% reduction over 2014-15, are mandated to be achieved by 2018-19.

Further, milestone for energy reduction up-to 2030 for refining sector (including private refineries) has been proposed as 36.6% over 2005 aligning with INDC (Intended Nationally Determined Commitment), wherein India has projected reduction of specific energy consumption by 33-35% per GDP by 2030 over 2005.

CHT on behalf of the industry also finalised the Agreement, including scope and payment terms for comprehensive energy efficiency improvement study and performance audit of 15 PSU refineries by EIL, and the Mandatory energy audit of 12 PSU refineries through PCRA. The medium-term target of 60-70 MBN for PSU refineries for 2020-21 has been set after deliberations in EC of CHT held in May 2016.

Two Working Groups meetings of the industry chaired by Joint Secretary (R), MOP&NG were held in July and September 2016. These Meetings are aimed to monitor several issues including physical performance of refineries, Project Review for smooth rollover of BS-IV fuels across the country by 1st April 2017 and preparedness for BS-VI fuels w.e.f. 1st April 2020. Two Working Group meetings of the industry Chaired by Joint Secretary (Refineries), MOP&NG were held in July and September 2016. In the meetings refinery-wise plans to build capability for taking grid power as and when economically available, have been made.

CHT is the key member of the team constituted by MOP&NG, under the Chairmanship of JS (R), to propose model for recycling of used lubricating oils. A consultation workshop with Petroleum Recycler Association of India (PRAI) and industry was held to deliberate on the subject.

A Paper on incentivising investment in refining sector is being formalised under the Chairmanship of Director (R), IOC. CHT also extended assistance in Strategic planning of refineries by 2040.

I am grateful to all the agencies, organisations which are working with CHT in achieving the goals set by MOP&NG. We together will continue our endeavour to improve the performance of refineries and encourage innovative methods and technologies to achieve excellence.


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