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Procedure for Inviting New Proposals

S. No.

R&D proposals are funded by CHT in following areas.For details, please refer below guidelines.

1.  Value addition to refinery streams including petrochemicals.
2. Carbon Capture, Utilization and Sequestration (CCUS)
 3.   Domestic fossil energy: shale gas, gas hydrate, coal bed methane, etc.
 4.  Gasification of Coal, Pet-coke, Biomass, waste, etc.
5.   Industry 4.0: Digitalization to improve efficiency
6.   Water Conservation / waste water treatment
 7.  Bio-fuels: Cost effective Biomass and bio-oil valorisation
8.   Waste: Domestic, Municipal, Sewage, Plastic, agricultural, Industrial valorisation
9.   Syngas valorisation
10.   Hydrogen production and Storage
11.   HCNG: mixing and pipeline transportation
12.   Batteries & Energy storage systems
13.   Fuel cell technology
14.   Solar energy technologies
15.   Electrification of cooking
16.   Biotechnology
17.   Nanotechnological Intervention



R&D Propoposals

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