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Ongoing Projects

     A)    R&D Projects




Synthetic Aviation Lubricants Phase 2


Integration of parabolic trough solar collectors with multi effect evaporator for reducing the dependency of energy-intensive industries over fossil fuels


Development of Clay-based Polymer Composite for Flame Retardant & Heat Resistive Materials 


Catalytic Pyrolysis of multilayer plastic waste (MLP) to value added products - A Circular Economy Approach 


Carbon capture by adsorption process from refinery flue gases at low temperature using novel porous organic polymeric (POP) adsorbents
6 Nature based solution for the valorization of technical lignin to sequester biogenic carbon in a sustainable circular bio-economy model
7 Prototype Development of Ultra-Efficient Green Gasoline Fueled Compression Ignition (GCI) Engine for Decarbonization of Transport Sector

B)     Projects under HCF

# Project
1 Development & Demonstration of Commercially Viable Fuel Cell Buses based on Hydrogen produced from multiple Pathways 
2 Development and Scale-up of Indigenous Next Generation Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Technology and Demonstration of Process Line (10 kW) for Prototype Production
3 Cost – effective Hydrogen production through Membraneless Electrolyzer & Storage
4 Design, Development & Demonstration of 1kW PEM Fuel Cell Technology
5 Lightweight Novel Multicomponent High Entropy Alloy for Hydrogen Storage Application
6 Development of Cost-Effective 2.5 KW Proton exchange membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell Stack based on less-Pt Bimetallic Electrocatalysts and Mesoporous Carbon Support Materials 


(P) Provisional



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