Ongoing Projects

S. No. Ongoing Projects Executing Agency Total Actual Project  Cost (Rs. Lakh) 
1 Coal to Liquid (CTL) fuel technology development EIL / BPCL 3300.00
2 Experimental and Simulation Studies on Coke Mitigation in Petrolium Refinery systems BITS-GOA/BPCL 323.22
3 Development of Process know-how for Indigenous production of Biphenyl for thermic fluids and other applications BPCL 260.00
4 Study to Examine the Possibility of Production of Naphthanic Base Oil and Paraffin Wax from Waxy Distillate Streams IIP / IOC-DIGBOI 99.28
5 Parametric Study and Technology Development for Desalter Design BPCL / EIL 1451.00
6 Development of Improved 3-phase reactor configuration for hydroprocessing applications BPCL / EIL / IIT-D 115.00
7 Development of Catalyst and Process for Slurry phase Residue Hydrocracking CSIR-IIP/EIL/ HPCL/BPCL 2235.00
8 Synthetic Aviation Lubricants - Phase 2 CSIR-IICT/ HPCL/ CEMILAC 250.00
9 Bio-mass Hydropyrolysis for Production of Fuel-grade Hydrocarbons HPCL, CSIR-IIP 2407.00
10 Renewable Crude and Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuels from Algae CPCL / Aban / ICGEB 434.52
11 Scale-up Studies and Process development for H2 production by Catalytic Decomposition of Natural Gas HPCL / IIT-D/CeNS 2945.70
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