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Functions & Duties

Over the period, the activities of CHT have undergone change as the oil companies have been empowered for Selection / Import of Technology. Currently, the focus areas of CHT are as under:

A.   Refineries Performance Improvement 

I.    Performance Benchmarking of Refineries and Pipelines
II.   Performance Improvement in Refineries through Best Practices, Special Studies, Operational Improvement and Process Technology
III.  Energy Efficiency Improvement in Refineries & Pipelines
IV.   Petroleum Product Quality Improvement and liaison with BIS

B.   Knowledge Dissemination

I.    Information & Knowledge Dissemination through Refinery & Petrochemical Technology Meet (RPTM)
II.   Sharing of Best Practices through various Activity Committee Meetings in critical areas / technologies in refining sector and pipelines operations
III.  Discussion Forums on CHT Portal on 10 major areas concerning the downstream hydrocarbon for posting specific queries and seeking answers from Expert Panel

C.   Promoting Alternate Energies in Hydrocarbon Sector

I.    Implementation of PM JI-VAN Yojona for financial assistance
II.   Ethanol from Waste Gases
III.  Hydrogen as fuel

D.   Sustainability of Downstream Sector 

I.    New Initiatives in Downstream Sector for Future Sustainability
II.   Reduction of water footprint
III.  Use of Grid Power
IV.   Stream Sharing for effective Asset Utilisation
V.    Gasification of biomass /Coal for diversification of feedstock

E.    Promotion of RD&D for Indigenous Technology Development

I.    Co-ordination of activities of Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) on Hydrocarbons of MoP&NG in identifying and funding of research projects for downstream  hydrocarbon sector for indigenous Technology development.
II.   Development of Catalyst Manufacturing Plant in India

F.    Technical Support/Assistance to MoP&NG

I.    Co-ordination of Annual Awards instituted by MoP&NG
      • Refinery Performance Improvement Award 
      • Saksham Award, based on Steam Leak and Furnace Efficiency Surveys 
      • Innovation Awards for Technology Development, R&D and Refinery Operation 
      • Swachhata Ranking based on Swachhata Index developed by CHT.

II.   Laboratory Inter Comparison Programme for better coordination of product quality at industry level and competency development

III.  Essentiality Certificates for Project Imports for Mid-Stream & Downstream Sectors

IV.   Clearance for Import of Special Fuel Products/Lubricants

G.   Promotion of R&D in Downstream Sector

CHT also co-ordinates and provides technical/secretarial assistance to the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) on Hydrocarbons of MoP&NG. The Charter/Mission  of SAC is “To promote application of Science and Technology in the Hydrocarbon Sector (excluding Upstream Sector)”. Currently SAC is headed by Dr. Anil Kakodkar, a prominent scientist of BARC & Padma Vibhushan Awardee and comprise of members, Permanent Invitee & Special Invitees from academic institutions (IISc, IITs, IICT), OIL PSUs, R&D organization of PSUs, IIP, NCL, OIDB & MoPNG. ED, CHT is the member secretary of SAC. The current SAC was reconstituted by MoP&NG vide Resolution No. R-22012/1/2013-OR-I/E-7712 dated 25th February, 2022.

The proposals received from R&D and academic institutions / organizations are presented before SAC on Hydrocarbon of MoPNG for recommendation and subsequent approval from Executive Committee (EC) / Governing Council (GC). CHT signs MoU with Participating agency (ies). The progress of the project is reviewed regularly and the status is presented to SAC, EC and GC. In each project, a commercial partner from Oil PSU is also involved for commercialization and use of development know-how.
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