Completed Projects

S. No. Completed Project Executing
Total Actual Project  Cost (Rs. Lakh)
1 Trial Evaluation of Spare charge Bimetallic Catalyst for Reformer at CPCL IIP 49.55
2 Feasibility Studies on feedstock for Paraffin Wax Production IIP 6.45
3 Solvent Extraction studies on Pre-hydro-treated Lube Distillates IIP 2.25
4 Literature Survey on Hydro-cracking / Liquid Membranes IIP 1.50
5 Assessment of cost benefit implications for proposed changes in BIS specifications IIP 48.61
6 Optimisation of Dewaxing Operations IIP 15.00
7 Development of Low Metal / Skewed Reforming Catalyst IIP 78.00
8 Effect of Dewaxing Aids on Crystal Morphology IIP 8.23
9 Diesel Fuel Quality: Requirements for future Emissions Standards IIP 94.97
10 Use of Multifunctional Gasoline Additives in 2 stroke Engine Vehicles IIP 1.90
11 Studies on effect of Soaker Geometrics and Internals of Visbreaking Process  IIP 13.69
12 Etherification of C5 Olefins and Light FCC Gasoline IIP 57.49
13 Catalyst and Technology Development for Hydro-treatment of Diesel and Vacuum Gas Oil IIP 178.32
14 Development of Catalyst, Technology & Process know how for conversion of C5 - C6 Naphtha cuts to Aromatics & C4 IIP, BPCL 22.58
15 Development of Eco friendly & Biodegradable Lubricant IIP 33.73
16 Visbreaker studies IIP 3.15
17 Study on Hydro-stabilisation of Coker Distillates IIP 5.00
18 Studies on Effect of Soaker Internals – Improved Design, Kinetics & Hydrodynamics for Modelling of Visbreaking Process IIP, UICT & EIL-R&D 61.56
19 Development of Zeolite Base Reforming Catalyst for Aromatics Production IIP 29.01
20 Identification and estimation of PAHs in diesel fuel IIP 36.80
21 Up-gradation of FCC recycle oil through solvent extraction IIP, CPCL, HPCL, EIL 36.86
22 Development of Catalyst for Reducing Sulfur in FCC Gasoline with Minimum Octane Loss (CHT:48.11, CPCL:16.04) IIP and CPCL 34.57
23 Catalyst for Isomerisation of Light Naphtha (CHT:41.58, IOC:13.86=55.44 Total) IIP and IOCL (R&D) 39.02
24 Catalyst for Ultra Deep Desulphurisation of Gas Oil IIP 47.02
25 Development of Know-How for Super critical Solvent Recovery in PDA Technology (93L=CHT 63L+HPCL 30L) IIP, EIL and HPCL 26.81
26 Development of Regenerative Process for Sulfur Dioxide Removal from Lean Gas Stream IIP and EIL 76.48
27 Studies on the Effect of Gasoline Composition on Exhaust Emissions from Two Wheelers (CHT:98, IOC:55=153 Total) IIP and IOCL (R&D) 86.15
28 Dev. Of catalyst / tech. for Deep Catalytic Cracking IIP 8.76
29 Dev. Of Solid Acid catalyst IIP 51.61
30 Catalyst Development for Isomerisation of C7+ Hydrocarbons in Industrial Feedstock IIP 60.72
31 Synthesis of RTIL IIP 58.48
32 Desulphurization od Diesel-Biocatalytic IIP 80.17
33 Polymer Modified Binder IIP 26.74
34 Oxidative Desulphurization of Diesel IIP 60.88
35 Development of Tower Internals EIL-R&D 77.01
Development of High Performance Internals for Distillation
EIL-R&D 21.12
37 Development of High Capacity Trays EIL-R&D 24.00
38 Furnace Efficiency Studies EIL-R&D 24.00
39 Development of Multipurpose Dynamic Simulator EIL-R&D 39.92
40 Development of Sheet Metal Structured Packing (PARLPAK) Phase-II EIL-R&D 14.98
41 Studies on Application of Modern Packings in Liquid Extraction EIL-R&D 21.14
42 Cold Flow Model Studies in FCCU EIL-R&D 91.42
Development of Cooling Tower Technology
EIL-R&D 87.89
44 Heat Transfer Enhancement by Tube Inserts EIL-R&D 28.61
45 Burner Performance Testing and Development EIL-R&D 197.79
46 Development of Improved Flash Zone Entry Device for Crude / Vacuum Column EIL-R&D 46.01
47 Technology development for Hydro-dynamics of Trickle Bed Reactors & Cold Flow Studies for scale-up – Phase-II EIL-R&D, IIT- Delhi, IOC-R&D 305.63
48 Development of Computational Fluid Dynamics  EIL-R&D 80.77
49 Development of Technology for Tracer Studies in FCCU EIL-R&D, BPCL 21.64
50 Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology for Hydrogen Purification and Recovery EIL-R&D & IPCL 92.52
51 Development of Feed Nozzle EIL-R&D 16.09
52 Add-on facilities for TBR EIL-R&D / IOC-R&D/IITD 114.45
53 Thin Film Short Path Distillation Unit: Preliminary Studies AOD- Digboi 13.15
54 Catalytic Converter Technology for Auto Exhaust NEERI 21.31
55 Preparation of guidelines for Environment review of Oil Sector NEERI 0.68
56 Microbial Desulphurisation of Petroleum RRL, Jorhat 3.80
57 Synthesis, characterisation and evaluation of Vinyl Polymer NCL- Pune 9.50
58 Assessment of Residual Life of Turbine Oil: Phase-I IIT- Delhi 9.86
Alkylation of Isobutane
IIT- Bombay 5.07
R&D work on Advanced Control
IIT- Kanpur/ EIL-R&D/ IOC (R&D) 29.35
61 Hydrocracker Pilot Plant IOC-R&D 1500.00
62 Technology Development for Production of Microcrystalline Wax using Short Path Distillation Tech. CSIR-HQ, AOD, IIP, RRL-J, EIL 1416.62
63 Assessment of Residual Life of Turbine Oil: Phase-II IIT- Delhi 24.03
64 Technology Development for Hydrodynamics of Trickle Bed Reactor & Cold Flow Studies for Scale-up: Phase-I IIT- Delhi EIL-R&D, IOC-R&D 48.15
65 Development of Catalytic Process for Isomerisation of Waxy Stocks into Lube Oils NCL- Pune 27.01
66 Maintenance of Multipurpose Dynamic Simulator IIT- Bombay 4.50
67 Study on Urban Road Traffic & Air Quality CRRI, NEERI, IIP 168.90
68 Commercialisation of Indigenous Reverse Osmosis Technology CSMCRI, CPCL 50.95
69 Online inferencing and optimisation of Blending Operations IIT-Kanpur 17.26
70 Sour Natural Gas & Industrial Gas Treating  IIT-Kharagpur 14.65
71 Long Term Effects of Blue Dye Furfural doped Kerosene ITRC-Lucknow 49.76
72 Study on Boundary Lubrication Mechanism & its Applications IISc. IOCL-R&D, IIP 140.00
73 Assessing the Impact of Regulations on Ambient Air and on Health in Delhi under Phase-1 TERI and CRRI 17.32
74 Dev. Of tech for Flame arrestor CBRI, Roorkee 10.00
Synthetic Aviation Lubricants (SAL)
IICT/NAL/ HAL /GTRE/ Cemilac/ IOC-R&D 844.90
76 Infrastructure Facility for Pilot scale Bio-reactor for Oil-Zapper Oilivorous S&A TERI  25.60
77 Development of Mathemtical model and simulation package for gasification of Indian coal and Pet coke IIT-M / BPCL 33.92
78 Desulphurization of FO using Solvent Extraction route IIP 115.22
79 Desulphurization of FO using Solvent Extraction route IIP/CPCL 115.22
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