S.No. Area Title Description Action Status
1 naphtha cracker and Polymer 1. Naphtha cracker furnace tube failure causes intermittent interruptions and affect Throughput. What are the steps taken to anticipate and prevent ? Is any guideline available from Licensor ? 2. When metallocene grade polymers will be available from IOCL ?
2 Cracker at southern india There are two PCPIR zone at South India I,e, Cuddalore and Nagapattinum. However, There is no cracker available. Is there any plan from CPCL to go for a cracker in near future ?
3 Petrochemicals 1. What are the plans for capacity additions for Styrene and Paraxylene plants in India till 2030. 2. IOCL Petcoke Gasification project at paradeep what is the current status.
4 Petrochemicals 1. Any Coal based petrochemical complex is planned in Eastern India.
5 Effluent Treatment How COD of PTA effluent water is treated